Gatherings of Growth


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This is a time of growth and expansion in all of our lives.  Upcoming gatherings will give us an opportunity to explore ourselves in an environment of support and safety.  Spirit Emerging gives the structure to use on how to traverse these changing times in the most powerful way.  Gatherings will begin soon, and everyone is welcome.

Gatherings will begin with a class on ancient wisdom that has proven to be just as authentic and powerful in modern times.  The gathering will be entitled Through the Rainbow: Strengthening and Toning Your Energy System .   Cheryl Gribskov will be the teacher.

Spirit Emerging is all about using our energy systems in the most positive way through the ancient Hindu wisdom of Chakras, and many tools that have been used over centuries by Hawaiian Shamans (Ho-oponopono) and other modalities.  Cheryl has studied extensively with teachers for over 25 years to learn how to use this wisdom to help others reach their full potential through the self-actualization techniques found in chakra study.

Participants will meet once a month to learn the basics of a chakra.  They will then take home an interactive workbook that will guide them through the physical, emotional, belief systems (beneficial and otherwise), spiritual, psychological and historical elements of the chakra.  During the month, students will have the capability to log in to an online program to ask questions, share experiences or offer insights.
Students taught as far back as 1998 report that they still use the tools given today to balance and tone their energy systems.

Cracked Wide Open: Change is the New Beginning will be offered in book form in 2016.  This weekly course will give people tools that can help them through sudden, sometimes traumatic change in a way that eliminates bitterness and regret.  Instead, these tools are designed to help craft a new life by changing the energy within into creating exciting new ventures.  The goal is to provide a journey through change that expands, uplifts and energizes into exciting new direction.  Cheryl will be the primary teacher of this class, and will use her own story to set the foundation of what change can do, how to traverse the times when the foundation seems to have crumbled from under you, and how to climb the ladder to brighter times.

To be on the wait list for any of these offerings, contact Cheryl using on Facebook on her Spirit Emerging page.