Meet Caren Ann

Caren Ann Jackson


    Meet Caren Ann!

    Caren Ann Jackson is well known in Salem, Oregon as the vivacious and caring friend to many. She has served the city as the head of the Salem Downtown Association and the Director of the Riverfront Carousel. Besides being a competent leader, Caren Ann’s energy is uplifting and happy. People love to be in her presence.

    Then Caren Ann saw the light in our world. Already spiritual, Caren Ann began to learn how to use a camera to capture the spirit given magic of every day scenes and events. Caren Ann’s photos are the kind of art that brings joy to the beholder for years.

    That’s why it’s a pleasure to showcase Caren Ann’s work in the website. Her photos say so much of what Spirit Emerging Coalitions are about – the grace, beauty and energy of our world and ourselves.

    Visit Caren Ann’s web site at