Memorable Ceremonies

Memorable Ceremonies


We all need ceremonies that honor our passages in life.

Cheryl prides herself on working with couples, families, and friends to craft a ceremony that can be poignant, joyful, and personal.  Want to include a family tradition?  That’s perfect.  Want to find ways to express your gratitude to a departed loved one?  Cheryl helps you do that.  (see more)

Celebrating unions:
In Oregon, I have had the privilege of facilitating weddings in half built houses in Amity, on the top of Crown Point at sunrise, on a secluded beach in Pacific City, and in haunted churches in Zena.   The ceremonies are crafted by the partners and resonate within the heart of each couple..  The goal is that the ceremony be so personal and unique that it will be become a heart memory for years to come.

Memorial Celebrations and Rituals:
I specialize in tailoring rituals and celebrations to honor the deceased in highly personalized ways.  For example:  At one celebration of life for an avid golfer, participants received golf ball markers with a happy face on them which had a special meaning to those present.  Another was a slide rule for an engineer who passed with his favorite saying, “Create yourself a great day”.  At times, loved ones were given the opportunity to write final notes of appreciation and gratitude to their loved one and put those notes in the gravesite during the burial.

Celebrations of New Life:
I have had the special honor to baptize children, welcoming them into their new world. I love creating family blessings. For example, in one blessing, each member holds the child and whispers a special commitment to help the child enter their new life with love and support.  Each blessing is accompanied by a token of that commitment. In one such blessing, the final result became a piece of art that the child to offer that child on his new journey.

Celebrations of life transitions:
There are times in our lives where a celebration of our courage and accomplishments would help define the days ahead.  For example:  A woman who courageously survived breast cancer met her close friends in a wooded grove and after ceremonial words and actions, walked away with new hope and support to her on the remainder of her journey.

Unique and individualized ceremonies can be scheduled by writing Cheryl at [email protected] or message her on her Facebook page, Your Weddings Your Way and Personal Passages.