“Our family had the privilege and pleasure of recently having Cheryl facilitate our beloved daddy’s private family burial service and the next day’s public celebration of life event.  We love and miss our daddy beyond belief and these events exposed our deepest hearts’ emotions.  Cheryl asked many questions of us when planning these events, to ensure that these ceremonies were exactly what we wanted, and how we wanted them to flow.  Many of her questions helped to facilitate our creative thoughts and plans that made these events more wonderful than we could have imagined.  Cheryl’s love for our family embodied our events and helped us to make these very tender moments a wonderful memory for our family.  Thank you Cheryl.  We love you!”
Cheri T.

“I don’t think I realized how much I could manage my energy until I began working with Cheryl. It is great work!”
H. K.

“We deeply appreciated Cheryl’s vibrant, positive energy in co-creating and guiding the uniquely perfect wedding ceremony for us!”
Bruce and Mary G

“We weren’t sure where to start, we didn’t know what we needed to do, all we had was a vague idea of what we wanted for our ceremony and Cheryl completely guided us through the process. She did a beautiful job on our ceremony, it turned out perfect!”
Dustin and Erin K.

“I went through an enormous battle with breast cancer, which I beat.  Cheryl led a group of close friends with a leaving and grieving ceremony. The ceremony was an opportunity to let go of the past attachments.  The leaving and grieving ceremony was literally and symbolically about releasing those health attachments to make the transition in my healthy life easier.  And it has been a great new life!”

“Cheryl presided at my husband’s funeral.  She was wonderful.  She was with me at the funeral home, helped me with music, pictures and handouts that would be given at the door.  She took notes and kept track of things I wasn’t thinking about at the time.  Cheryl was very professional, always organized and there when I needed her.  She gave a warm and personal touch to everything and she spoke from her heart.”
Sandy P.